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SureMute Elite License

0.99 usd

*** Important ***This is just a license key to upgrade to SureMute Elite. Please do not de-install SureMute if you already have it installed (even if the trial license has expired). This license key will upgrade SureMute to SureMute Elite which supports unlimited number of mute events with no term limit. If you are installing this license key via SureMute application, please exit and relaunch the application after the key is installed. You will continue to use SureMute application as before (launched via SureMute icon). Your existing mute events prior to upgrade will continue to function. If you have not installed SureMute, please install it along with this license key and launch the app via SureMute icon in your application folder.SureMute Elite is a perpetual license without term limit.
SureMute Android application enables you to set up your phone to go on mute (silent or vibrate) at specific times according to your schedule so you and others will not be disturbed by phone rings during those times.
You may also use SureMute to put your phone ringer on mute for a period of time. The phone ringer will be restored to normal volume afterward.
Key Features of SureMute Elite:1. Import unlimited number of events from calendars2. Support the following types of recurrent events: - Daily - Every weekday (Mon-Fri) - Weekly (i.e. every Wednesday) - Every 2 weeks - Monthly on a specific weekday (i.e. every fourth Wed) - Monthly on a specific date (i.e. on day 24) - Yearly (i.e. on July 24)3. Support all timezones4. Unlimited term5. Support unlimited number of events